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She spent the earliest part of her childhood in Breckerfeld and later lived in Hagen.

single breckerfeld

She acquired her nickname while on a vacation to Majorca, Spain with her parents. Nena is a Catalan word meaning 'little girl'. In she left high school before graduation, and in the three following years she was trained as a goldsmith.

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Musical beginnings[ edit ] Nena's musical career began on 2 July when guitarist Rainer Kitzmann founded The Stripes band and, on the basis of having seen her dancing at a local disco, asked her to audition for the position of the lead singer. Together, they formed the band Nena.

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In June "Nena" released their first single, " Nur geträumt ", which became an instant hit in Germany after the band appeared on the German television show Musikladen on 21 August International success and band breakup[ edit ] Inthe band single breckerfeld its first album Nenawhich contained the singles " 99 Luftballons " and " Leuchtturm ". It was also a huge hit in many other countries, and to this day it is one of the best-known German rock songs in many parts of the world. In May while on a tour in the UK, Nena made the headlines of the British red-top press for having unshaven armpits.

Yes she can. I simply had no idea!

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Nena's next international single "Just a Dream" an English language re-issue of "Nur geträumt" reached No. A dance version of "Just a Dream" was single breckerfeld in the s to a new audience and became a club anthem. The band split inand Nena went solo thereafter. Launch of solo career[ edit ] Nena's first solo album Wunder gescheh'n was released on 5 November The title track German for "Miracles Happen"composed by Nena herself, relates to the fact that Nena was at the time pregnant with twins, but release of the album that appeared just four days before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November and the fact that she performed the song at the end of the Konzert für Berlin three days later has ever since associated it with that historic event.

Infollowing the indifferent performance of her second solo album Bongo Girl single breckerfeld, Sony decided not to renew Nena's recording contract, and the label single breckerfeld distributed her third, RMG Music Entertainment, disappeared shortly afterwards.

Return to chart success[ edit ] Nena in Vienna on 3 May InNena single breckerfeld her 20th anniversary on stage with the album Nena feat.

single breckerfeld

Nenaa disc consisting of newly single breckerfeld recordings of her hits from the s. This album marked a "comeback" for Single breckerfeld, and spawned a number of successful chart entries. In OctoberNena released a new album entitled Cover Memade up entirely of cover songs. David BowieRolling Stones and Rammstein are three of the bands covered. In she recorded and released a new version of single breckerfeld hit song "99 Luftballons", which more closely follows the s original, in contrast to her single breckerfeld.

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This song was first performed in Germany on 6 September Some parts of the new version are in French. Nena released a new single on 18 Septembercalled " Wir sind wahr ", and a new album on 2 October: Made in Germany. The autobiographical ballad from the album " In meinem Leben " became her fourteenth Top 10 hit in Germany, taking single breckerfeld to 12th position in the all-time list of top-ten hits partnervermittlung bocholt Germanythe third highest placed German act and top German female.

She also collaborated with the popular techno-rap artists Die Atzen to produce a new single, "Strobo Pop". In an era when artists tend to generate more revenue from live performances than recordings, [23] [24] Nena released two live albums and restricted single breckerfeld studio work to one-track collaborations with Zara LarssonDave Stewart and fellow guests from the Sing meinen Song series.

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In March Nena promoted the release of the Oldschool album with a "club tour" of 16 smaller venues for to people including her former primary school. Kaulitz has also stated on many occasions single & twin classic single breckerfeld hamburg Nena is his favourite singer.

Privatleben[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Kerner wurde in Hagen geboren. Ihren Eltern gefiel dieser Kosename so sehr, dass sie ihn fortan weiter verwendeten [4].

Nena appearing on Dein Song in InNena appeared as one of the coaches on the German TV series "Dein Song", in which established artists mentor a youngster to produce a song.

In April and May she was one of the participants in the third season of Sing meinen Songa show in which well-known artists perform each other's songs and judge their favourites.

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Nena's contributions are her disparate accounts of various episodes in her life. Most of Thesenfitz's contributions are excerpts from interviews of single breckerfeld of Nena's friends, co-workers, and relatives.

Since becoming a mother, Nena has released a number of albums consisting of songs for children.

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Influences and other interests and pursuits[ edit ] In addition to citing the Ramones[49] David Bowie and Debbie Harry as early influences, Nena's main artistic source of inspiration and her favourite band is the Rolling Stones. She supports "Ehe für alle" marriage for everyone and, as a mother of five, a campaign against the German government's plans to scale back the state provision of midwifery services. Nena also supports local causes and in ran in socks 2.

single breckerfeld

However, in his biography of the Nena band, Rolf Brendel, its drummer and Nena's boyfriend at the time said that although other band members experimented with drugs, Nena never did and frowned upon it. Her youngest son Simeon obscured is behind her.

single breckerfeld

Nena and single breckerfeld band's drummer Rolf Single breckerfeld split up inNena's feelings described in the song " Jetzt bist du weg " "Now You Are Gone" from the band's final album, Eisbrecher. Nena then started dating Swiss actor Benedict Freitag shortly after the band separated in ; he is the son of the German actress Maria Becker [59] and Austrian-Swiss actor Robert Freitag. The couple had three children together, the first being Christopher Daniel, who was born disabled allegedly due to medical mistakes made during the birth that caused Nena to go into cardiac arrest.

In they single breckerfeld twins, Larissa Marie and Sakias Manuel. After splitting with Freitag, Nena started a relationship with drummer and music producer Philipp Palm from Single breckerfeld whom she had two children, Samuel Vincentand Simeon Joel The couple and the four children currently live in Hamburg.