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See the article in its original context from July 18,Section 1, Page 28 Buy Reprints TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. John F. Kennedy Jr.

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Fliers who knew Mr. Kennedy described him as a cautious aviator who often took a flight instructor with him on his flights to Martha's Vineyard, but on Friday night, there was no instructor aboard.

Kennedy earned his private pilot's license on April 22,officials of the Federal Aviation Administration said. His license allowed him to fly single-engine planes and to carry passengers, bekanntschaften hagen not for compensation. He was not qualified to fly if he had to rely on instruments, though he had been working on getting that rating.

Single taken depends on whos asking t shirt said that single taken depends on whos asking t shirt on the flight path could be a challenge, because it could make a pilot lose sight of the horizon.

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In a turn, a pilot who does not use instruments and who cannot see out the windows may bank so steeply that he loses control. When making over-water flights, most private pilots fly at a relatively high altitude, 7, to 9, feet, so that if the engine quits, they can glide far enough to reach land. Kennedy was known as a cautious flyer. Kennedy kept the plane, a four-year-old Piper Saratoga.

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McKenna said, even if that meant leaving his own plane behind. McKenna said. Five or six weeks ago, he said, Mr. Kennedy had hurt an ankle while on Martha's Vineyard, and called Mac Dan to pick him up.

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A pilot who also flies from the Essex airfield said Mr. Kennedy frequently flew with a flight instructor to Martha's Vineyard on Friday nights, returning on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.

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The instructor, the pilot said, was not aboard the Saratoga on Friday night; he was in Europe. The pilot, who asked not to be identified by name, said he saw the Kennedy party preparing to depart Friday night about 8: Kennedy was dressed in white slacks and T-shirt; his wife wore single partys dortmund heute pants and a black T-shirt, and her sister was wearing a beige dress, he said.

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One of Mr. Kennedy's feet appeared to be injured, the pilot said, adding bekanntschaften cloppenburg he was ''pivoting around on one spot. The plane's rudder is controlled with foot pedals.


It was not clear yesterday whether Mr. Kennedy's apparent injury might have affected his ability to control the plane. Kennedy had been given clearance by the airport tower to take off. Private planes commonly do not fly under air traffic control, and Mr.

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Kennedy did not contact the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control, which would be the first air traffic control office with jurisdiction over a plane flying under instrument rules. But since he was flying under visual flight rules, he was not required to do so. Under visual flight rules, he was under no obligation to check in if he chose to take responsibility for spotting other air traffic and for keeping a safe distance, and if he did not need to ask about weather conditions ahead.

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His plane carried a transponder, a device that automatically responds to a query from F. But for private flights like this one, the transponder would be responding with a generic code meaning it was a general aviation flight and not giving its precise identity.

Single malt schwarzwald

Kennedy's Saratoga was built in Juneaccording to the manufacturer. The model can carry six people, and there are more than 7, in service, according to Chuck Suma, president of the company.

Suma said at a news conference that Mr.

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Kennedy had trained on two smaller Pipers, a Warrior and an Arrow. The Saratoga has a single horsepower, six-cylinder engine, a little bigger than an engine in a large car. It can carry about 1, pounds, including people, baggage and fuel. It carries about gallons.

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The one Mr. Suma said. The previous owner of the plane Mr. Hussain, a furniture manufacturer who used the Saratoga in his business, said it had a ground approach warning system.