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Position Specify an item location. Capture routes to distribute expenses fairly.

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Expenses Track your expenses and distribute them among should you lower your standards for dating users. ChatSend messages to everyone who uses this item or get in touch with a specific user.

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NotesProvide news and important information with notes. UsersShare your item with dedicated users or make it publicly available. Create a booking via the calendar and the participants will be informed immediately. With locking periods you can determine when the shared is not available. Aren't you travelling alone?

Standard Terms of Use

No problem, record the reservation together with other participants so that the booking times are shared. You can then distribute costs and expenses to the booking times. Cost and output system Who owes whom? Expenditure under control. Do you want to distribute all your expenses fairly?

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Should the users who use it most also pay more? The cost system allows you to automatically charge a price per hour and or KM. In addition, you can easily divide all or only involved users' expenses such as repairs, insurances and purchases.

The balance sheet shows you whether you owe the other person or they owe you something. All new expenses and costs are displayed in chronological order in the chat so that you never lose sight of the big picture. The position system Share the position.

Capture distances and distances. Determine the exact location on the map so that people can instantly find the car, boat or whatever you want to share.

should you lower your standards for dating

Do you want to distribute the expenses based on usage? Or do you use one price per KM? Capture the distance traveled automatically or by simple input and you can distribute the expenditure based on driven should you lower your standards for dating flown KM. Just as with the expenses and costs, the routes in the chat are also displayed clearly arranged in terms of time and costs.