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I certainly did. Next time Eucalyptus comes up for internal use, I would be confident in using it! Here is a fun fact for you: On one hand we Paracelsus wrote in "all things are poisons. It is only the dose which make a thing poison".

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Even water and coffee which are normally harmless may cause illness or death if taken in excess. Keep this in mind ok as we continue on Firstly there over species of Eucalytpus and they all possess different chemistry profiles.

The species used in the common supermarket brand Bositos is Eucalyptus polybractea Blue Mallee.

The globulus species is GRAS listed as is the chemical compound Eucalyptol which makes up single note essential oils significant single note essential oils of erwachsenenbildung kennenlernen Radiata species as well as several others.

When you go deep diving into all the relevant journals of aromatherapy and research available, Both globulus and radiata are actually suggested for both internal and external use and funnily enough, in Jamaica for centuries families have traditionally used a drop of Eucalyptus in Honey as a method for dealing with Bronchial infections The highly respected and authoritative German Commission E a governmental regulatory agency composed of scientists, toxicologists, physicians, and pharmacists.

It is acceptable to take eucalyptus oil orally provided the dosage is kept within this use range.

single note essential oils

I think doTerra have specifically steered away from this species because of it's power, knowing full well that they want to be able to use it safely for both adults and children alike. Remember that all over the world Eucalyptus is commonly used in cough lozenges, cough syrups, toothpastes, mouth washes and as a flavour ingredient in foods.

It is simply the dose that makes the poison.

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Eucalyptus oil is toxic if ingested in excessive quantities. Excessive being the key single note essential oils but excessive use of nearly every essential oil can have adverse affects.

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Products containing less than 25 per cent eucalyptus oil can be sold without having to be labelled poison, without having to be packed in poison containers and without being sealed with a child-resistant closure. Their use is not restricted in any way.

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The TGA simply isn't willing to risk advising people on the side of the bottle that it can be taken internally as they cannot control the amounts used or quality of the oil ingested.

Rest assured that doTerra do know what they are doing. There are actually numerous studies that rate the use of Eucalyptus internally if you are comfortable for a variety of different oral health and respiratory conditions.

single note essential oils

It all boils down to common sense, Eucalyptus is not an oil single note essential oils would seek to use internally on the daily is it. The same thinking applies to both Tea Tree and Wintergreen essential oils, both of which are also commonly found in over the counter chewing gums, lozenges and food products. Hope this is helpful everyone:

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